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Calling All Exhibitors and Authors! Sign-Up Forms are Now Open

The NSS welcomes Exhibitors and Authors to the ISDC 2013. We have two forms here: one for Exhibitor, and one for Author's book signing table. The deadline for submissions is April 1 for Exhibitor, and May 1 for Author's Table. The Exhibitor Coordinator will review your request and notify you of your standing as soon as possible, no later than April 7, 2013 for Exhibitor, and May 7, 2013 for Author's Table. Additional information can be found here...

Call for Speakers and Proposals

The ISDC 2013 Call for Speakers and Proposals is now open. We welcome speakers to present at ISDC. Please apply through this web form. Evaluation committees will review your proposal and notify you of your standing in April of 2013. An email containing your proposal will be sent to you upon completion of this form.

Space Movement Leaders Speak Out on NSS Annual Conference (ISDC)

Check out the NSS ISDC Video Library at

Networking Opportunities

Bring enough business cards to spread around! In addition to day time networking opportunities, you will be able to mingle and network at night during dinners and at the evening social.

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