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As you've heard on the web, Facebook and Twitter, the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) - one of the largest space advocacy conferences on Earth - will be landing in San Diego THIS WEEK, from May 23rd through May 27th at the Hyatt RegencyLa Jolla. With local resident and student discounts as well as daily rates, ISDC presents the perfect opportunity for interested members of the public to learn about the latest developments in space exploration, policy and business and learn how they can get involved in the growing space renaissance in their own communities and regions. Through presentations by space industry legends, leaders and visionaries such as Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, former president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam, and Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp, attendees will learn what is happening right now in the space industry, where it is heading in the near future, and what this really means for them and everyone else on Earth.

Tune in to WS Radio this (TBD) to hear ISDC Gala Dinner Producer Neal Sperling, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, Dr. Mae Jemison and (TBD) discuss what ISDC has in store for its visit to San Diego and what the social and economic benefits of ISDC 2013's theme "Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space" are for the entire planet. In addition, listeners will have the opportunity to call in and win several conference-related prizes, including posters, clothing and other promotional items from Star Trek: Into Darkness, After Earth, day passes to attend ISDC and more! If you're unable to listen to the show, then you will have another opportunity to win some of these prizes at ISDC: Stellar Sojourn, a huge celebration planned for Sunday night, May 26th that will include a costume contest, raffle prizes, and is open to the public for only $10."

Giveaway Schedule

Check back later to find out more giveaway schedule.

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